2020 Impact Report

A year of adaptation and unwavering commitment.

Rebecca Foster,CEO of VEIC

Adaptation and resilience. These were what 2020 tested us on, and we responded. We had to show up differently – for our clients, for each other, for racial justice, for our communities. The year brought the social and economic devastation of the pandemic, systemic racism, and climate change events into sharp focus. The shifts VEIC made in the pursuit of our vision—Healthy Planet, Thriving People—made us a stronger organization and prepared us to take on the inevitable challenges ahead. I am incredibly proud of VEIC’s performance in 2020 and of our unwavering commitment to generating the energy solutions the world needs.”

Rebecca Foster

Finding opportunity in the challenges of 2020

Within every challenge we build opportunity

Remaining resilient during a global pandemic

Covid-19 required unprecedented ingenuity and flexibility. VEIC adapted to a fully remote environment and evolved our programs to keep our communities safe and meet our clients’ changing needs.

Advancing equitable energy solutions in the face of systemic injustices

From the murder of George Floyd; to the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on people of color; to increasing wealth disparity, systemic injustices were highly visible in 2020. Since our founding, VEIC has been committed to delivering solutions to overburdened and underserved communities, last year was no exception.

Deploying decarbonization strategies as climate events become more severe

In 2020 we experienced more extreme weather events than ever before. As the need for climate change mitigation becomes more urgent, we’re focusing on decarbonization. In 2020 the new VEIC brand launched which was built around this commitment.

Our resilience resulted in one of our healthiest financial years and a more supported, productive culture.

Our values prompted us to establish new norms and goals internally and externally to advance energy justice in 2020.

Our climate imperative drove us to find clarity in how we support our clients in meeting their audacious and necessary environmental goals.

To secure the health of our people and planet we must go further, faster.

To secure the health of our people and planet we must go further, faster.

Our work in 2020 resulted in the reduction of 1,271,707 total lifetime metric tons of CO2e.

Our Sustainable Energy Programs were offered to over 480,000 people.

Over half of our program benefits were deployed in socially vulnerable communities.

Our Sustainable Energy Programs served 9,042 low-income customers.

Served 65 clients across 25 states and provinces through our consulting work.

Our work since 2000, over the lifetime of efficiency and renewable energy investments, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by
107,950,000 Metric Tons
home icon That's equivalent to the electrical use of 19.6 million homes in one year.

Making an impact within each dimension of energy.

Our services are designed to address all aspects of clean and sustainable energy solutions. With the help of our deep expertise across the energy system, our clients are able to achieve their goals now and for years to come.

Energy Efficiency icon

Energy Efficiency

A cornerstone of decarbonization, our energy efficiency services are evolving to meet the moment.

Building Decarbonization icon

Building Decarbonization

From largescale manufacturing operations to small businesses, we’re tapping into the energy savings potential of buildings across North America.

Transportation Electrification icon

Transportation Electrification

We can’t take on climate change without electrifying our buses and fleets. Our programs demonstrate the benefits of fuel switching.

Clean and Flexible Grid icon

Clean and Flexible Grid

Addressing increased demand and envisioning a pathway to a net zero future requires creative thinking and calculated planning. We bring both to every client conversation.

We bring innovative and equitable decarbonization solutions to the people that need them most.

woman wearing a mask

Programs redesigned in response to Covid-19

To alleviate increased burdens on low-income customers, small and medium businesses, and nonprofit organizations, we shifted our customer engagement strategies, expanded our virtual offerings, and established new methods of delivering decarbonization services.

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aerial view of a large neighborhood

Analyzing energy affordability

A first step toward developing equitable energy solutions is building a greater understanding of the impacts and sources of cost burdens. We analyzed spending on residential building energy and transportation in Connecticut to identify the most burdened communities and to determine what contributed most to their expenses.

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power lines

Electrification solutions for low- and moderate-income residents

VEIC was selected to support the development of a roadmap that identifies strategies and programs for electrifying residential spaces in New York, with a focus on single and multi-family housing for low- and moderate-income residents.

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Accelerating the clean energy transformation requires proven innovation and scalable solutions.

fresh produce in grocery store

Cutting carbon from refrigeration systems

The grocery industry has many opportunities to incorporate energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We identified impactful areas to decarbonize grocery operations and designed an efficient system using natural refrigerants for a growing grocery company.

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view of a building through the woods

Strategic energy management for improved manufacturing

Through our Strategic Energy Management program, our clients were able to integrate specific energy-saving techniques and improvements into manufacturing processes to boost energy efficiency and make a measurable impact on their energy consumption.

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public transportaion bus

New programming for transit bus procurement

VEIC was selected by the Federal Transit Administration to deliver a pilot program that will improve the way transit agencies acquire new vehicles, including electric transit buses.

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A New Way Forward

As we look ahead to the remainder of 2021 and the years ahead, our imperative is clear. We must accelerate the development of innovative, effective, and human-centered decarbonization solutions. We’re setting our sights on where we can affect the most change:

justice icon


Creating a more just and equitable world by ensuring that we serve marginalized people and dismantle systemic oppression.

urgency icon


Leading the way in the delivery of decarbonization solutions with the goal of rapidly reducing GHG emissions to mitigate climate change.

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Building a culture of passionate people and partners working to make a thriving, sustainable world a reality.

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